Palestine Day Roadtrip to Paterson, NJ on May 19!

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May 19, 2024

Palestine Day - Paterson, NJ Trip

May 19 at 7:30 AM • Paterson, NJ • Limited Seats Available

Coming Soon

Mount of Olives - Summer Picnic

Summer 2024 • Coming Soon

Our story

Mount of Olives Association

The idea of establishing Mount of Olives Association was conceived years ago. Twenty-five years ago we wanted to bring our families and children together. We had lots of success for some years but it waned because of challenges that we unfortunately still face today.

After years of the association being dormant, it was still being talked about frequently, wishing that it would have continued and what it would be today, had we continued.

Today the challenges are greater because of a new, younger generation that has less ties to our heritage. What we hope to accomplish through this association is to meld the best of both; the old and its core values with the best of the new world to keep our ideals and faith alive.

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Our Mission

To preserve the core values of our heritage and integrate it into the best of our present.

Our Goals

Foster a strong and healthy community.
Build a community center.
Coordinate youth programs for children.
Promote unity between members.
Provide members critical services and community-based events.
How we help?

What are we doing to assist the community?

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Housing & Shelter

Providing crucial assistance in locating accommodations and shelter, helping ensure that everyone has a safe place to call home.

Connect and Support

Fostering a spirit of unity by connecting community members, encouraging them to come together and support one another.

Groceries and Medicine

Delivering essential groceries and medicines directly to our members doorsteps.

Environmental Preservation

Actively contributes to environmental preservation by planting trees, fostering greener communities and a healthier planet.

Arabic and Islamic Education

Proudly offering Arabic language classes, empowering individuals to connect with faith and expand their linguistic horizons.


Committed to helping individuals access the medical care they need, guiding them towards healthier and more secure lives.

Join us and let’s make a better world. Become a member today!